Hole to Whole

I forgot that I was special
I forgot that I should speak
As I stumbled on the path
I lost track of what to seek

I forgot about the beautiful
And ugly inner child
That shrunk away, bewildered
From a world so cruel and wild

I forgot to be forgiving
To the tender part of self
Little treasures were ignored
And gathered dust upon the shelf

With the poisoned blade of judgement
Aiming at my very core
I cleaved off empathy for my being
Thus inflaming inner war

So I found myself in pieces, places
Where I did not enjoy to be
With people harsh and unforgiving
As indeed I was to me

Self-inflicted wounds that festered
Severing aspiration and nerve
Sinking lower and receiving
All I felt I did deserve

I see beauty all around me
Oft’ in things that others shun
But fail to see it in the mirror
Averting eyes from reflection

I have gentle understanding
When people fail to do their best
But standards for me are different
More exacting than for the rest

It’s quite ridiculous, if I consider
We are equal and much the same
But I have these special rules
Just for me to play the game

I must cease to make exceptions
Level out the playing field
Convert my bullshit into manure
Use it to nourish, increase my yield

I wish the world were simpler, sweeter
Yearn in peace and love to live
But inside brews bitter turmoil
From that part I don’t forgive

While this dichotomy prevails
Denying empathy to one so dear
I reinforce fake separation;
Angel’s wing-beats fail to hear

While this dichotomy prevails
Until I choose to allow and heal
I can’t contribute to the change
To positively shape what’s real

I’ve failed to do it on my own
(Though I never am, I understand)
It’s easier by accepting help
And reaching for another’s hand

By reopening to synchronicity
Seeing signs and following through
I can join dots to form a picture
That reveals what to me is true

I’ll forget about the planning
Focus on revelling in my path
Holding hands with those who join me
And when I trip, remember to laugh

So please remind me when I forget
Help dust me off after a fall
Encourage me to keep on going
To truly realise: I am one with all

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