What’s the point?

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Well, what’s the point of all this
If it’s only in the mind?
It wouldn’t matter if you are
Awake or if you’re blind.

All suffering around the world
Not more than mindly spam,
That stifling feeling in my head
A virtual traffic jam.

When ignorance then seems to be
A shortcut out of blame,
Accepting how the world “just is”
Seems utterly insane.

Would it still seem ok
If you were harvested one day?
When bred into a slavery
With no such thing as “say”?

Just captured in a life of pain
Where no one gives a fuck,
Like in a mental prison
You’re, just, stuck…

Inspired by the comment of a workshop participant after watching the movie Samsara

“I noticed how even though I was watching these upsetting images, I felt at peace inside and realised that everything is OK.”
– (paraphrased)

Even though I was very relaxed and at times was listening to the presentation with my eyes shut, this comment just burnt into me and I had to sit up and watch as it was being expressed. How in the world can “everything be OK”, when it’s clearly not?! Not getting all emotional when watching is one thing, feeling that it’s OK is quite another, in my view.

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