Calling Altruistic Angels

Listen to the poem

Hello Angels! Are you there?
Please, send me a sign to show you care
Can’t you see how I’m confused?
Thoughts are jumbled, heart is bruised

I don’t understand what’s going on
Where’s the line between right and wrong?
What’s my purpose on this Earthly plane?
How should I react towards others’ pain?

Should I be asking “God” or “All That Is”?
The very concept puts me in a tizz
I was raised with the Christian Bible’s God
Harsh father who did not spare the rod

And though I’ve grown and moved away
Conditioning and culture still hold sway
And what I consider “The One” “Supreme Being”
Is still too nebulous: I remain unseeing

So I turn to you, hand outstretched to clasp
Angels, as a concept, my mind can grasp
Messengers facilitating communication
And thus enabling a Divine relation

Help me Angels, be truly grounded
For it is on Earth that we are founded
Help me Angels, the Heavens to sail
For it is from the Cosmos that we hail

Help me Angels, to understand
What instrument am I in this Earthly band?
How should I play, perform my tune
Your guidance would be such a boon!

Yes! I realise that this is a start
A plea for help, coming from the heart
I recall recent lessons: one has to ask
So others can assist me with my task

Please be my close and constant guides
When intentions crumble and resolve slides
Help me to quickly get back on my feet
To continue on my path, light and fleet

I know I may stumble, time and again
Such is the way with us, women and men
But I know the answer is to persevere
And that as I do so, more becomes clear

Help me Angels, to have trust and faith
When hope seems to dissipate, like a wraith
Help me instead attain true knowing
That is tangible, real; intuition flowing

Help me to actually hear your voices
So your guidance is clarion, to make my choices
Help me to see you, with or without my eyes
So my imaginings morph to materialise

Help me to feel when it is really you
Not tricks of my mind, I want what is true
Help me to develop all my senses
And resolve all internal differences

Help me Angels, to develop a relationship
Close as hand and glove, into which I’d slip
With ease and comfort, for care and protection
A nifty portal of Divine connection

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