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The lumbering beast was great but gaunt
Bedraggled fur it could no longer flaunt
With uneven patches, like a vagabond’s coat
Though beggars would avoid a land so remote
In that vast desolation there are no alms
Even sensitive people seldom have qualms
Or care about the struggle to survive, day-to-day
Of these creatures whose habitat is so far away Continue reading “Unbearable”

The Blue Trainers

Blue shoes on luggage belt
The Blue Trainers going round on the luggage belt

We were in the 26th row of the plane and remained relaxed and seated, as is our custom, watching the final passengers trail out. With only the flight attendant behind us, we got up to retrieve our belongings from the overhead compartment.

“Somebody’s left their shoes here, ” A. said. I peered up and saw a blue shoe. “Let’s tell her,” we agreed and he turned to the flight attendant, “Someone’s left their shoes behind.” She approached and reached in. “Only one shoe! Ah no, here’s the other one.” Continue reading “The Blue Trainers”